Vanguard BIG BLOCK EFI engine

Optimum power and fuel efficiency at all times.

Vanguard™ EFI engines with Oil Guard System deliver an optimum level of power and fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance time and costs at all times.

Better than typical mechanical, pressure driven carbureted engines which cannot tune for the entire operating range of the engine, the EFI system tunes for every different operating point of the engine, providing fuel economy and power gains.

The integrated Engine Control Module (ECM) takes signals from sensors placed around the engine and makes cycle by cycle decisions on how much fuel or spark to provide and when to provide it. For example in a light load condition the ECM knows to regulate fuel output for maximum fuel efficiency, while for heavier loads it increases fuel and power provision to get the job done.

Models with Vanguard™ EFI engines:

Ferris MowersVanguard™ EFI engines