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The IS® 5100Z series of diesel-powered zero-turn mowers delivers the ultimate productivity in a lawn machine. Its impressive horsepower and massive transmission conquer the most demanding landscape jobs, while our exclusive suspension system redefines rider comfort and allows faster mowing speeds.

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The Ferris ISX™3300 is the latest in mowing technology. We took our top-of-the-line design and made it even more reliable and durable for the 2021 season. The drive system features independent, commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Powertrain® transaxles for improved dependability and increased performance. Large 26” drive tyres allow for greater traction, smoother ride and improved curb climbing performance.

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The IS®2600Z zero turn mower series offers diesel power with features and benefits that no other commercial mower can. When the Ferris engineers set out to refresh the already successful IS® 2500Z, taking into consideration the requirements of end users, the resulting lawn machine is rugged yet refined.

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The IS®2600Z zero turn mower series offers the next generation of Ferris suspension technology – ForeFront™ Suspension, a 2-belt iCD™ cutting system, heavy-duty Hydro-Gear® ZT-4400™ Transaxle drive system and travel speeds up to 10 mph, the ISX™ 2200 is engineered to increase efficiency and operator comfort

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Spend one day on the IS® 2100Z zero turn and you will discover how our patented suspension technology turns slow and bumpy mowing into riding comfort and enhanced productivity. With Ferris’ iCD™ engineering under the deck, you will enjoy consistently accurate cutting performance and a professional finish.

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The ISX™800 delivers supreme performance and comfort with industry-first double-wishbone suspension technology, double belt deck drive and iCD cutting deck.

Award-winning mower, winning the Technical Innovation Awards Commendation at Royal Highland Show 2019.

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The Ferris IS® 600Z features our patented suspension technology, heavy-duty Hydro-Gear® drive system, an engine purpose built for a zero-turn application and mowing speeds up to 14,5 km/h. This mower is full of features to provide maximum productivity. The IS® 600Z is capable of tackling tight places, providing maximum manoeuverability and productivity. You’ll mow more lawn in less time.

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400S – Winner of Commendation at Royal Cornwall Show Machinery Awards 2019

The Ferris® 400S is one of the newest additions to the Ferris zero turn line up. This compact and powerful zero-turn is designed to get you in and out of your jobs quickly and confidently. As well as renowned suspension for ultimate comfort, you’ll find a new patent-pending ‘Tr3ple’ deck with four discharge options as standard, providing the perfect cut in any environment.

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The Soft Ride Stand-on SRS™ Z1 is raising the bar with our patent pending adjustable operator platform, featuring suspension technology, optimising operator comfort and increasing  productivity! The superior balance provides stability and manoeuverability that exceeds expectations for traction and handling.

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FW35: the walk-behind for demanding workloads

The FW35 dual hydrostatic walk-behind mower was built from the ground up to meet the demands of professional mowing crews. The new design gives this mower smoother and more user-friendly operation. Featuring a cruise control bar, independent retraction lever steering, thumb controlled speed override, foot operated return-to-neutral controls and a speed indicator.

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FM35: the walk-behind flail mower for tough environments

The FM35 walk-behind flail mower is designed to combat the most demanding environments and is ideal for mowing rough and overgrown areas.  The strong welded steel construction houses a robust flail rotor of 122 cm cutting width with 34 independent flail blades which deliver excellent cutting action. This efficient flail mower is designed to excel in applications such as landscaping, agriculture, utility, maintenance, construction sites, road right-of ways, trails, and all other areas needing brush or overgrown area control.

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FW25: The compact and manoeuvrable walk-behind

The FW25 dual hydrostatic walk-behind packs the professional features of our FW35 model in a narrower package. With easy-to-use controls, electric start and a top ground speed of 9,6 km/h, it’s all your crew needs to breeze through lawn jobs with little effort. Heavy-duty construction and large, 20” tyres paired with a commercial-grade transmission make the FW25 truly perform on those long work days.

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FW15 – the new 32″ hydrostatic walk-behind from Ferris

The all-new FW15 variable hydrostatic walk-behind provides a narrow footprint for trimming around trees and planter beds.

Manoeuvrable and easy to operate, this mower will become a firm favourite with landscapers across the country.

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